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Department of Materials Design and Innovation
University at Buffalo, NY
The research in the lab focuses on understanding forces at nanoscales to develop novel and functional materials in the fields of tribology, biomedicine, and environmental engineering.  A better understanding of the structure-mechanical property relations is needed to develop reliable and system-compatible materials.


The current research directions in the group are

Nanotribology of 2D Materials in Liquids

 Machine Learning Approach to Predict Nanoscale Friction

Membrane Design and Mechanics

Open PhD and Post Doc Positions are currently Available!

Project Title: Nanotribology of 2D Materials interfaced with Liquids
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Group News:

08/2023: Dr. Nalam presented an Invited talk at the ACS Fall Symposium in Honor of Prof. Nicholas D. Spencer

08/2023: Tashfia has successfully defended her Ph.D. on "Exploring Polyamide Durability and PFAS Sorption: Probing Solution-Surface Interactions using AFM and QCM-D". Congratulations Dr. Mohona!

06/2023: Dr. Nalam received NSF CAREER AWARD, Understanding 2D confinement-driven phase transitions of non-polar liquids. NSF Organization: DMR CMP

05/2023: Dr. Nalam received the STLE Early Career Award

07/2022: Dr. Nalam presented an Invited talk at the GRC Tribology: Understanding Sliding Interfaces to Master Tribological Systems Across Length Scales

12/2021: Behnoosh successfully defended her Ph.D. Congratulations Dr. Baboukani!  

10/2021: Awarded U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Lead Technical Studies Award to test the efficacy of dried mycelium - the root structure of mushrooms to remove lead from Buffalo Soil.  

09/2021: Selected as early career editorial board member for tribology letters, Springer, Nature. 

10/2020: A novel pedagogical framework for materials science with data science and informatics.

07/2020: Cutting edge in Tribology: Designing lubricants by artificial intelligence.

05/2020: Awarded SUNY Research Seed Grant for the development of Fungal-based, sedimentation-assisted plasma separators for isolation of antibodies for the viral treatment.

01/2020: Invited talk at the International Nanotribology Forum (INF), Thailand

10/2019: Congratulations to Eric for winning the national scholarship competition by the MidAtlantic Rubber and Plastics Group (MARPG).

05/2019: Congratulations to Behnoosh for winning first place in the STLE 2019 Annual Meeting Poster Competition.

04/2019: Congratulations to Behnoosh for winning second place in the SEAS 2019 Graduate Poster Competition.

08/2018: Awarded Center for Material Informatics Grant for the Development of QSPRs for Mycelium Membranes.

02/2017: Started NFL Lab at UB.

We are here

Department of Materials Design and Innovation

University at Buffalo

The State University of New York

   Department of Materials Design and Innovation, School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, University at Buffalo, Rm 128, Bell Hall, Buffalo, NY, 14260    

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